When Work Overwhelms

I don’t know what your profession is.  You might be a sales person, engineer, talk show host, musician, plumber, clergy, artist, etc. (I didn’t want to miss anyone, hence the etc.).  I don’t know if you love your job, hate it, are ambivalent towards it or if it sucks the ever-loving life out of you.  I don’t know if your job is mostly about brains, muscle, or a mixture of both. I don’t know if you have a boss or own your own business.  Or if you do have a boss if you can’t stand working for that person or if you are way too comfortable with that person.

Regardless of your job, I am certain there are days where you just don’t have the resources, mentally or physically to accomplish what you need to accomplish.   This is where having an open heart can make all the difference in your world.  If your reaction to trouble at work is to close down, avoid confrontation, complain out the whazoo, or day dream about being somewhere else, then your heart is closed.  And I believe the problem with a closed heart is that nothing can enter it and nothing can leave it.  It’s like a double whammy.

I remember being stuck in a job that I couldn’t leave simply because of the need to provide for my family, yet it was a terrible fit.  I was in sales.  I am not a sales person.  On top of that, I wasn’t necessarily thrilled about the product I was selling.  I literally would walk into meetings with clients already depressed because I had to give them a sales ‘pitch’ for a product I didn’t like and didn’t really believe in.  I can’t tell you how bad I wanted to move on from that particular position and company.  It was depressing.  I rarely felt like I had the resources internally to accomplish what I needed to throughout the work day.

Back to the double whammy.  With a closed heart, not only are you trapping all of the frustration, anger, disappointment, and fear within you… but you are also making it impossible for the Source, the Divine (or whatever name you use), to flow into you and provide for you.  There was a time when I lived everyday of my life with a closed heart.  I was always dreaming of another job, angry with the position I was in, feeling less than adequate, and totally ungrateful.

So how do you have an open heart?  First, believe that whatever you subscribe to as far as a higher power actually cares for you and wants to provide for you.  That alone can make all the difference in your day if you face every obstacle knowing that you have access to the resources needed to overcome.  Secondly, relax and be grateful.  Be grateful that you are alive and have the faculties to be hired to actually work.  There are so many who don’t have a job in these difficult economic times.

Finally, proceed on with your day expecting to be resourced beyond your limits.  I realize I’m telling you something you already know.  But sometimes, we need reminders.