You Know What to Do

What do you think I should do?  What would you do?  Please tell me what to do.  How many times have asked these things to someone we trust?  How often have we gone to a friend or to a family member, told them our story and then asked them for direction?  The answer is probably countless.  And there is nothing wrong with doing this.  Getting advice is always a wise decision along the path to discernment.  The funny thing is, we often times seek advice and ask people to tell us what to do with our lives, all the while deep down we already know the answer. I believe one of the reasons why we surrender our decision making process to other people is because we usually know that the path our intuition points us towards is almost always a difficult one.  It’s either difficult because we know there is something that we will have to sacrifice or there is a price to be paid.

But I don’t want to get lost in the sacrifice or price today.  The point today is that most of the time our heart knows what to do in difficult situations.  Let me break this down a bit.

MOST - Now I say most, because there are occasional times and conditions where we truly are in the dark with no idea where to turn.  During these rare instances where we are completely in the dark and don’t what to do, it is extremely beneficial to turn to others for their guidance and direction.  But I’ve discovered that we usually ask for input not because we are at a loss, but because we want to be reassured of the action that we already know needs to be taken.  We just don’t trust ourselves.

HEART – When I use the term ‘heart’, I’m speaking of that centered place within us that is the core of who we are.  It’s that place that is moved by the melodic beauty of a wonderful craftsmanship of lyrics and vibrations.  It’s that place in us that we can’t hold or see and scientists can’t point to and say… “there!  That is the conscience self”.  But when overwhelmed with stimuli and decisions, the heart shouting and pointing the direction.  Often we are so busy hiding from our true selves that we barely hear it as a whisper on the luckiest of days.

I think 99% of the time we know the best way forward.  I just think we’ve become so disconnected from ourselves that we either can’t hear it or we don’t trust what we hear.  So we ask 3-10 people what they think we should do.

The remarkable thing to me is that we DO have an inclination as to how we should move forward.  We can trust ourselves.  What other person would know better for you?  But when we move forward, following our own advice, we are then ultimately responsible for the outcome.  If we fail while taking the advice of someone else, we can, with a sideways glance, put some of the blame on them.  But life is not a blame game.  No one lived a full life by making decisions with the caveat that they needed an out.

Listen to your heart.  Then, take bold steps forward.  You might fail.  You might succeed.  But either way, you will have made a decision by being in tune with who you are and affirming that connection with yourself.  Trust me, you’re worth it.