Celebrate more!

So much of our lives are taking little steps in order to reach big goals. Often times these little steps seem just as frightening as the big ones. Or they can seem just as impossible. Then, when you know you have to string together a bunch of these little steps in order to reach that larger goal, we can tend to stress or worry about these little steps that we are taking. We become afraid what the outcome may be uncertain or if we can even make happen what it is we think we need to. Can we accomplish the next thing?

Other times we are left to rely upon the decisions of others. So we hope and pray that it is a pleasurable outcome.

Our minds tend to do funny things as well when it comes to stressing or worrying about outcomes. So when we do achieve that step or we do get the pleasurable outcome, our mind quickly begins to stress about the next thing. How often does this happen to you? It’s like our mind never stops poking and prodding and trying to find what could go wrong.

But there is something powerful that can take place after each accomplishment if we can remember to celebrate each victory. Instead of allowing our minds to move onto the next thing immediately, it can be extremely productive to celebrate what has been accomplished already. These good feelings can be great motivation and help to sustain us when the road gets long as we head towards our larger goals.

One of the reasons why it is so important to take time to celebrate along the way is because it reminds us exactly why we are doing what it is we are doing. It points out that we are indeed one step closer to our larger goals. Celebrating along the way helps us to literally ‘live into’ the future like a little ceremony of anticipation for the success that we are striving for.

What is it that you are trying to accomplish? What are some of your goals? How can you choose to celebrate the smaller steps taken as a way of anticipating reaching your end result? Sometimes celebration is as simple as taking a deep breath and acknowledging that you have gotten one step closer. Other times it means calling a trusted friend and sharing your experience. What and how can you celebrate today?