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Get Unstuck

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We all get stuck from time to time.  Either from external, uncontrollable experiences, or because of our own decisions.  The great news is that we don't have to stay stuck. There is a way forward.  I will guide you through this process of moving forward and getting unstuck.

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4 Audio Recorded Classes - Each class is approximately 1 hour in length and tackles real-life challenges.

Real-life Coaching - You can listen in while Bradley coaches real people dealing with real life circumstances.

All Sessions are recorded - Download all four sessions and return to them as much as needed.

Downloadable Worksheets and Notes - You can return to these notes and exercises for years to come.

Bonus:  If after taking this course, you don't experience the kind of forward movement in your life that you hoped, you can request a one on one session with me and together we will look at the work you've done so far and get you unstuck at no extra cost to you.

I'm offering you sessions and content worth over $700 in a one-on-one setting for only $62.99 with the Holiday Special.

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Why so much value for so little cost?  Am I getting scammed here?

If you've had the same thought, don't fret.  Even close friends have asked me why the class is so relatively inexpensive compared to my normal one on one rates.  The answer is simple math.  I wanted to make this process accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of their income level.  With many people signed up for class it is possible to lower the fee for each person.

Couldn't I just read some books to find out how to move forward?  Why should I pay for a class?

Absolutely you can read some books!  There has never been a time in history where more information is available than now.  In fact, you may know some of the material already.  But this class provides not only an opportunity to commit to moving forward, but a group of people who have committed to the same thing AND someone who has already walked the path.  It takes all kinds of means for all kinds of people... this class just offers one way forward.