Episode 15 - Dr. Chris Hawley Interview on Whole Health, Inspiration and The Healthy Way to Eat a Donut

In the second edition of the Interview Episodes of the Own Your Life Podcast, Bradley interviews Dr. Chris Hawley.  Dr. Chris is the spokes person and co-creator of SEITY, which seeks to help people reach their potential through a whole health perspective.  Dr. Chris's background is in sports medicine and family practice.  He has worked with the top professional athletes, olympic athletes and the nation's largest collegiate athletic department.

In this interview we cover... the 'spirit genome', how to change your body through your mind and spirit, how to be inspired, connecting to your core values, the healthy way to eat a donut, overcoming the 'I'm not smart enough' syndrome, dipping your tragedies in the pool of greatness, the difference between whole health and holistic medicine, and more.

The Own Your Life Podcast is edited and produced by Gregg Nordin.