Episode 20 - A New and Powerful Way to Think About Resolutions

I used to hate to make goals and resolutions for a new year.  I had gotten so used to failing to reach my goals and resolutions that I stopped doing them.  I hated the idea of goals because it felt like having a goal and writing it down was the most concrete way to determine that I was a failure once I couldn't reach my goal.  I dreaded making resolutions because even the process made me feel like a complete and total failure.  Until I did this one thing.  I learned how to align my goals with what I truly wanted in soul and spirit.  Once I learned to cast off the expectations of others and my misplaced desires, I was able to come up with goals that I truly wanted.  Instead of feeling like I didn't have the motivation or wondering if there was something wrong with me... I asked 3 questions.  Do I really want the goals and resolutions I came up with.  Are they truly aligned with my soul?  What do I truly want?  What are the actions I need to take to achieve what I truly want?  Once I aligned my purpose, desires and intentions, everything flowed more freely.

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