Episode 21 -How to Be Your Own Hero

Your life is your story.  In your story, only you can be the hero.  No one else can do that for you. Others can help, guide, mentor, coach or support you, but they are the hero of their own story, not yours.  When you accept that you are the only one who can play that critical role in your life, pathways open that can take you almost anywhere you want to go. 

Be Your Own Hero reveals the major scenes that play out in act 1, 2, and 3.  Once you know exactly where you are in your particular story, you can identify what must come next for you in order to be the hero and move forward with the particular storyline that you are a part of at present.  Whether its work, relationships, family or major life struggles, once you know what must come next you have the confidence to proceed.  You also become aware that there is more going on to life than meets the eye and learn how to move in this world in a way that is uniquely your own.  It is based off of Joseph Campbell's 'The Hero's Journey'.

Learn how to Be Your Own Hero and you will contribute to this world and make an impact in ways you never thought possible.  Refuse to answer the call and you will be perpetually stuck, wondering why your story feels meaningless.

Look for highlights from my interview with Naim, coming next week, to see how he applies 'Be Your Own Hero' to his life and the insights that come to him as well as the changes he makes in his life.  

The content of this episode goes a little longer than 10 minutes.  However, I didn't want to cut anything out that you might need to Be Your Own Hero.

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Tools to help you with 'Be Your Own Hero'

The Hero with a Thousand Faces - Joseph Campbell

The Hero's Journey - Joseph Campbell

Pathways to Bliss - Joseph Campbell

Act 1, Scene 1 is the Ordinary World.  In this world you find yourself with a limited awareness of any major problems in life.  You might be vaguely aware that something is off but you can't quite put your finger on it.  Scene 2 is the Call to Adventure.  Here you begin to realize that whatever life is like for you right now, you want more.  There is an increased awareness.  You desire for things to change but aren't sure if it's possible.  Scene 3 is the Refusal of the Call. Fear rules here and while the hero knows they desire change, they aren't ready to get out of their comfort zone and take action and they are reluctant to change.  Sometimes people are stuck here for their entire lives.  If they say yes to the call, however, they move on to Scene 4.  Meeting with the Mentor.  The mentor is sent only when the hero chooses to accept the call and their role is to provide the guidance that is needed through the rest of the story and overcome their reluctance.  They have wisdom and have traveled their own journey as a hero in their story already.  

Act 2, Scene 5 is Crossing the Threshold.  Either by choice or by an uncontrollable inciting incident, the hero is pushed from the 'Ordinary World' into the 'Special World' and there is no going back.  This is a huge commitment to change.  Scene 6 is Tests, Allies, and Enemies.  Here the hero is tested often and discovers who their allies are and their enemies and they experiment with the idea of change.  The allies support them in their Hero's Journey while the enemies look to thwart their efforts.  Scene 7 is Approach the Inmost Cave.  This is where the hero begins to prepare for the 'big' change that is coming.  Lots of training happens during this time.  Training that opens the eyes of the hero and helps them to grow in order to overcome.  This leads us to the 'Ordeal', Scene 8.  The hero attempts a huge change in their story here and tries something they have never tried before.  From this point forward, something will die.  No matter how precious this 'thing' is, it must die in order for the hero to move forward and make it back having mastered their journey.  Scene 9 is the Reward.  The consequences of going through the ordeal are dealt with and the hero really begins to believe they might have what it takes.

Act 3, Scene 10 moves us back to the 'Ordinary World' as the hero finds their Road Back.  This is a time of major rededication to the change.  At this point the hero can refuse the call again, but they will be stuck in the 'Special World' until they commit in full force.  Scene 11 is the Resurrection.  It is the final attempt at a big change and this is usually the climax of the story. The hero is triumphant in their own life and they know that they have mastered what is needed in order to help others.  Which brings us to the final stage, Scene 12, Return with the Elixir.  They have realized that they aren't on this journey simply for themselves, but to share with others what they have learned and how they might help those around them.  They have final mastery over the 'problem' and are willing and compelled to share with those in need.