Episode 51 - 4 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Pretending To Be Perfect

There's this temptation that I face every day.

It's powerful and strong when it pulls me.

My life purpose, which aligns with the work I do, often times makes it even more difficult not to give into this temptation.  It's the temptation to have it all together.

To project a version of myself that looks like I have it all together.  

Maybe you're familiar with this seductress.  It's not really complicated.

  • You want your friends to think you have it all together so that they think more highly of you.

  • You want your partner to think you have it all together so that he/she finds you more desirable.

  • You want your kids to think you have it all together so that they admire you more.

  • You want your clients, customers, or co-workers to think you have it all together so that they are confident in your work.  

But you don't have it all together.

I don't have it all together.

Nobody does.  

Not one person on this planet including Oprah and the Dalai Lama.  

There's a freedom in knowing this.

What people desire the most is honesty and transparency...   And you can give that to them.

In this episode we explore why pretending to have it all together does 10x more harm than good. How to create more connection, passion, and empowerment, while inspiring those around us.

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