Episode 24 - How to Break Free From Excuses and Soar in Life

Here is one of the greatest myths:  “If I can just get my life straightened out, then I will be happy and successful.” There’s a lot of problems with that line of thinking, but the most important is the assumption that success will bring a sense of satisfaction.  Success doesn’t equal fulfillment.  How many times have you put off satisfaction until 'that thing' happens? Until you get the job?  Until you get the boy/girl?  Until you get the big break?

You’ll never find fulfillment until you learn what you want out of life.  Start there: learn what you want.  After all, the best stories are the ones where everyone knows what the main character wants.  Frodo wants to destroy the ring. Rocky wants to be the Heavyweight Champion.  . Katniss wants to save her sister and survive.  You have to know what you want.

This isn’t rocket science.  You know these things already.  When we say ‘this has to happen before I can do that’ we lie to ourselves so we don’t feel bad for not living life on our terms.Begin living the kind of life you want to live in the midst of your frustrating circumstances.  It will create an avalanche of momentum and will help to give you the energy to do the hard work required to succeed.  More important, taking action now and living into your intentions will begin to fulfill you the moment you act.  That energy will rise within you and transform every area of your life. It’s contagious.  Before you know it, you will forget about the frustrating circumstances in your life or see the solutions before you as if you're in an IMAX.

There is a way to create fulfillment in your life.  But it doesn’t come from waiting.  Set your intentions, write them down, and then live into them as soon as you stand up from your seat. If you aren’t sure of every intention for your life, start with one and don't let the sun go down before you've acted into that intention.

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