Episode 34 - How 'One Day' Is Ruining Your Life And What To Do About It

'One day things will be different.  Once _______ happens.'  Have you ever said this to yourself?  Are you subconsciously thinking that thought in any area of your life right now?  

I remember my first car well. It was a light metallic blue 1989 Ford Taurus. It was 5 years old at the time but it was in excellent condition. And yes, my parents bought it for me when I was a junior in College. I had wanted my own car since I first rode in my dad’s 1969 split top, fastback, Corvette Stingray when I was 6. Now owning my own car, I thought my life was complete. I was a year away from graduating college and joining the real world and I had a car to take me wherever I wanted to go. 

Then this funny thing happened. When I drove back to Boston from Northwestern Pennsylvania I began to see every other car on the road that was better than mine. This feeling that I wasn’t enough began to creep in and I knew how to handle that. I immediately began to think about the next car I would own. How it would be newer and sportier than the car I had just received. 

Life’s funny that way isn’t it?

We are never really satisfied, even following an epic ‘win’ in life

Stop putting your hope in ‘one day’, because ‘that’ day will never arrive for you. In fact, you’re never going to ‘arrive’. Stop saying to your self, “when I make X amount of money, then I will be content.” Or “when she loves me I will be complete.” Or “when I finally finish my thesis I will focus on other things.” Or “when my book is purchased by a publisher, I will have made it.” 

Deep down you know this isn’t true. Deep down you know that no accomplishment will complete you. We are never complete. We are never finished.

In this Episode of the Own Your Life Podcast, we will discover how 'One Day' thinking is ruining our lives and 3 things we can do about it to rid ourselves of that 'trap' for good.

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