Episode 5 - Mike McHargue Interview: AKA 'Science Mike'

This week, in our first edition of 'The Interview Episodes', we sat down with Science Mike McHargue of 'The Liturgists' and 'Ask Science Mike'.  We covered everything from bio-feedback and re-programming the brain to how Mike overcame huge challenges, like excessive bullying early in his life, to get to the place he is today.  

Mike helps people know God in an age of incredible scientific insight.  He was an executive at an international marketing firm by the age of 25.  He had created and sold 3 businesses before that. He turned down job offers from Steve Jobs a ridiculous amount of times.  Mike's first book is coming out in 2016 and I will go on record to say that it will be a best seller.

Own Your Life Podcast is edited and produced by Gregg Nordin.


Show notes for Own Your Life Podcast

Mike on Twitter - @mikemchargue

Ask Science Mike Podcast - you can submit your questions for 'Ask Science Mike' here as well.

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A quick explanation of the science of re-programming your brain.

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