Bradley Grinnen is an Executive Coach & Mentor who spends his time and energy helping people overcome their limiting beliefs and change their stories.

People come to me when they know they are ready to make changes but don’t know how to get started. I help them devise strategies for sustained success based on his insights that I offer as an outside perspective.  From overcoming limiting beliefs to taking your relationship to the next level to moving past divorce and bankruptcy.  If you're stuck, I can help.


Coach & Mentor

If you know there are some changes that you need to make in order to live the kind of life you've always wanted, but you aren't sure where to start... we need to talk.


The Own Your Life Podcast is a weekly show to help you be intentional about your life, with focused and inspiring lessons, aimed at helping you make the changes you desire.


'I'm not smart enough.  I'll never make enough money.  I'm not that talented.'  If you've ever thought or said any of these things... this blog is for you.  Because those things simply aren't true.

I write for the person I used to be...

I needed direction, guidance, and confidence.


Insecurities and limiting beliefs, attached to things like fear of loneliness, finances, my own sense of worth, and intelligence, had been haunting me since I was an adolescent.  But I didn’t know how to deal with them.  I turned to others who had navigated through these same limiting beliefs.  I hope my experiences, shared honestly and with transparency, can help you along yours.



Strategies for Sustained Success


I empower people to identify their limiting beliefs, those deeply-held thoughts and feelings that cause them to doubt their abilities and achieve goals. Once those beliefs have been identified, I coach my clients to shed them and recognize their unique beauty and strength. My clients have changed their lives into the stories they want to live… and I can help you do that as well.


“Bradley Grinnen is the voice outside my head that is stronger than the voices within. Creating something is easy compared to believing you can create something, and Bradley is the person in my life who calls me out on my self-doubt. Somehow, Bradley knows my emotions better than I do, and he’s always ready with an insight that shows me how to push on and move toward the calling I believe in.”

-Mike McHargue, Author, Speaker, and Technology Executive

How to Unlock your Potential with Morning Rituals


You can’t create the life you dream of when you start your day without intention. The first moments of the day, the moments after you open your eyes provided you the opportunity to shape the rest of the day. You can remake your life into something new, the kind of life you dream of, but it requires you to be intentional about the kind of day that you want to create.  I made this guide to help you jump start your own morning ritual tomorrow.



So how's that working for you?


Your choices, mentality, and emotional responses have led you to this place in life.  How's that working for you?  Are you ready for change?  Are you willing to make the choices to move beyond those things that have always held you back?  Today can be that day for you.  Your past does not have to determine your future.