Divine Messengers

10155475_10152351933012417_7004225602349190017_n 2 All knowledge and inspiration comes from the Divine, regardless of the shape or form of the messenger.  The messenger only delivers the message.  The truth that is revealed is from the true Source of all creation.  So does it matter what the messenger looks like?  Does it matter what they smell like or what their pedigree is?  Does it matter what they believe or teach in entirety?  Does it even matter if they are aware that they are delivering a message from the Divine?  No.

It only matters that we are open to receiving the message from the Divine.  It only matters that we listen from the place of being centered within so that we may hear the Divine whispering to our hearts and revealing to us that what this person, place, or circumstance is actually doing is bringing a needed, timely message from the Divine.

How many Divine whispers of love, encouragement, wisdom or truth have we missed because we immediately dismissed the messenger?  We took one look at the person in front of us and allowed the mess and confusion from within to drown out what the Divine was trying to breathe into our lives?  How many times has our prejudice of a circumstance screamed over that still small voice speaking within?  How often has the unease of our circumstance and the way we’ve tried to close our selves off from the world to avoid pain or remain comfortable, completely shut out the message that the Divine was trying to get across?

What if every moment of every day was the Divine trying to love with us?  Trying to connect with us?  Trying to flow through us?


Today I will keep my heart open so that as life bumps into me, instead of seeing a painful interruption, I will have an open heart and open ears and open eyes to receive the message that the Divine is sending me.  I will trust that the Divine will go to any lengths and use any messenger that it takes to reach my heart.