Find Energy to be Yourself

I have learned so much about myself because of listening and opening up to some wonderful people in the last year.  One of those people is the incredible Mastin Kipp, creator of The Daily Love (I fully suggest signing up for his daily emails). A few weeks ago Mastin shared a powerful truth about living life in the light.  This truth is key to having the energy to live each moment being fully present with yourself, the Divine, and others.

“…when you out yourself for who you are, for your mistakes, for your failures, for your feelings, for who you REALLY are - no one can have any power over you… I came to understand that it was through the EXPRESSION and ADMISSION of my truth that I was set free. The truth will set you free and TELLING your truth will set you free.”

Mastin Kipp   Tell on yourself and You’re off the Hook!

Lying and creating a false self takes so much of our energy and what’s worse is that we are usually completely unaware of the amount of energy drained from us because of it. I have spent a large portion of my life wanting to be loved.  I think everyone wants this.  But because of so many insecurities I spent a a large chunk of my time and energy creating a ‘false self’ for every different person I knew in an attempt to be liked by them.

When we are afraid of what someone will think about us, if they find the truth about a particular situation or the truth about our lives, we tend to present something other than the truth.  Something we think they might like.  Then we spend so much energy developing that lie that we block the Divine’s creative energy that wants to flow through us to help us fulfill our purpose in life. ENORMOUS amounts of our energy will be spent trying over and over to project that lie, that false self, in an effort to be liked.  Again, blocking the Divine’s energy in us.

But if we just live in the light, that is to say, if we would just be transparent, allowing people to see who we are, the way we are, and can trust that God will take care of us regardless of what they think, then we could spend our energy on loving those people instead of trying to perpetuate a lie.  Imagine having a reserve of energy to draw from each day because it wasn’t spent on trying to hide your true self from others.

Living in the light allows us to have the energy and the space, in our hearts and in our minds, to be completely present at any given time. Specifically to be completely present to those people with whom we may want to keep the truth from. They need to get the true ‘us’. They need the Divine to be able to flow through us so that it may heal their lives, And quite possibly our own.  ______________________________________________________________________________________

Today I will live in the light, embracing myself as I am and allowing the Divine’s energy to flow through me as I share the real me.  The real me is the only true thing I have to give, and so I am the most valuable gift I have to offer.