You Amaze Us God

Featured Artist,  Dale Fredrickson  

You Amaze us God,Not because-

You answer all our questions

Not because-

You hide us from desperate darkness

Not because-

You run the world the way we’d like

Because this is not the way you seem to work

You Amaze us God

You Amaze Because-

We can ask the most disturbing questions:

Why? How long? What for?

You Amaze Because-

You teach us to honestly cry out:

Screaming, Sighing, Weeping, Wailing.

You Amaze Because-

You allow us to see into the dreadful depths,

The bewildering brokenness of the human condition.

You Amaze Because you invite us to be the solution:

Wounded healers who share light and love.

People of Paradox who bring peace to all.

You Amaze us with a child

Someone who lived the questions

Experienced Life’s deepest pains

Embodied sacrificial love.

You Amaze us with a Child,

Who came into the chaos

Raised provocative Questions

Plumbed Profound Depths

Lifted up the Light of Love

You Amaze us because-

The Spark in this child’s eyes,

Shimmers and Shines and

Sets Aflame a fire

That Warms the World

Giving all the Light.

You Amaze us because-

Through this child We learn

Life-giving Long-lasting Love!


Dale has published his new book entitled, Help Me Be, Praying in Poems.

Dale is a great man, great dad, great husband, and a great teacher.

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