'Fire' - by Raquel Doughty


roc There is a fire in my soul. I breathe. I live. I am chained. I am free. I believe. I lose all hope. I rise. I cry. I learn to cope. My sight is blinded. I hear nothing but my own heartbeat. I close my eyes in order to see. I get back to who I was meant to be. All of this is for one great purpose. My struggle. My race. The tear-streams engraved on my face… That is what I will think of when I succeed. I will remember all the nights aching, feeling my heart bleed.

It will be I who will fully understand, All of the ups and downs that my lessons required, The conversations that lasted for hours--- How raw I sent my prayers up So that He could send down strength, To renew my hope in love.

There is a fire in my soul For my own life, For my own journey I exist. I thrive. I waver. I try This fire does not lie. I spark it so that it will not die.

I ask, I beg, I bend on my knees That all this be not in vain That good will come out of pain…

In the moment of victory I'll remember the darkness that tried to hold me, I'll thank God that it did not keep me.

There is a fire in my soul, Reminding me that it's not over yet, It says “This isn't the end, but a mere a step.”

This is my story, no matter how many chapters involved. It's my memory of the mistakes resolved. I press on. I walk ahead. I fight my battles. I leave behind harsh words said.

I create my own triumph. Although I am tempted, I do NOT give up.

It's that fire that makes me who I am. Deep. Never-ending. Emotion-filled. A woman. A little girl.

There is a fire inside of me, I pray it never go out, That it grows higher, gains momentum, spreads around. The fire in my soul, I pray it only grows... And increases what I know….

This fire will continue in this journey called life. It's my destiny, my right. Toss fuel into the flames and keep me going strong- Keep me living long, keep me pressing on. The prize is at the finish line, I'll get there at the right time. For now, keep this fire growing, All-consuming. This fire, this fire so bright- That can and will, dispel any dark night.


Raquel Doughty is a poet and performs spoken word.  You can contact her at ladypoet79@aim.com