Today's The Day - Self-Love Challenge

I know it’s hard. I know that there is all kinds of resistance right now because you allowed just a sliver of permission to enter your mind to participate in the One Day Self-Love Challenge. You’re skeptical of the meditation and affirmation work. It feels like too much work and time for something that is for simpletons and weak folk. But I also know that if you have these thoughts, you are probably aware on some level that this is the voice of resistance. You are aware on some level that you need to, even want to grow in your love for yourself.

Let’s get one paragraph of perspective in and call it a day. It is only one day in your life. Commit… and I mean really commit to the One Day Self-Love challenge and see what the day is like. Don’t give up in the middle of the day just because more resistance pops up. You can always return back to your daily routines and thoughts tomorrow. How’s that working for you anyway?  How much energy is it taking you to try to control everything and gain the affirmation and validation that you so desperately want?

It’s just one day… and today is that day. Join me. Here is a reminder of what we will be doing… One Day Self-Love Challenge.