You'll Never Be Ready

If you wait until you’re ready, you will never make it to where you want to go.  Or at the very least you will look back and realize that you could have made it there a whole lot quicker. If you wait until you’re qualified, you will be starting too late.  But what is highly more likely is that you are already qualified for those things that you’re putting off participating in.

If you wait until you’re experienced enough, you will never have that experience that you believe you need.

If you think you need one more art class before you start trying to sell your paintings, then there will always be one more art class.

If you think you need more self-confidence before you start speaking out more in your environment, then you will forever be silent.

If you believe that you need a couple more weeks of training before you enter yourself in that extreme obstacle race, then you will be sipping beer on the sidelines while your friends get muddy, bloody, winded… and still have the time of their lives.

If you think you need one more relationship seminar before you commit to the person in your life, then you will become friends with loneliness.

If you’re waiting for someone else to run through that wall before you move in that direction, then you will always be staring at walls.  Or you will not have the satisfaction of knowing that you broke a barrier that others weren’t willing to break.

I’m not saying that you should wake up and run a marathon tomorrow without having done any training, although I know a young man who did that and is still alive today.  But he was a freak of nature.  What I am saying is that now is a really good time to move forward, beyond what you think you can do, to reach those goals that you have set for yourself.

If you know where you’re headed, and you have an idea of what your purpose is, then don’t sell yourself short.  Don’t listen to the lies that creep into your ears and paralyze your heart.  Because you are good enough.  You are smart enough.  You are creative enough.  You do have enough confidence.  You will fail.  You will get right back at it though.

The only thing that is going to stop you is waiting until you’re ready.  We are never really ready for the great things in life.  But its funny how they are always there when we start moving in their direction and taking larger steps than we thought we were ready for.

I have found that if you wait until you are ready to make ‘that’ move, it is usually too late and the opportunity has passed you by.  So go meet the opportunity.