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What it Looks LIke

One of the questions I’m asked most often is… “what does it look like to love yourself?” or “what do you mean by, self-love?” It is pretty simple.  Loving yourself looks a lot like caring for and taking care of yourself.  Emotionally, physically, and spiritually caring for yourself.  Show me a person who loves themselves and I’ll show you someone who has a healthy sense of their worth.  This person cares for their heart and knows how to listen to it.  This person has invested the time and energy to know who they are and what they want.  They have shed the expectations of others and live from a true place, deep within.

This person knows how to keep the commitments they’ve made to themselves.  Grandiose commitments and tiny little ones too.  This person has learned to deal with their addictions and knows why they may have a tendency towards them.  This person takes small action steps everyday that show themselves that they care.  They are learning to eat better.  They are learning to exercise on a regular basis.  Not because they ‘should’, but because they want to.  They care about their body because they care about themselves.

This person knows that trying to please everyone else is a huge waste of energy, time and personal resources.  Yet this person is actually pleasing to so many because they know what gifts they have to give and has learned how to sustainably give them over and over again, adding value to the world.  Show me a person who knows how to love and care for themselves and I’ll show you a person who has ended the toxic relationships in their lives.  This person truly values their own time and truly values the time of others because of it.

Someone who loves themselves chooses daily to be present in every way possible.  They don’t hide from their pain.  Instead, they acknowledge it, process it while suppressing as little as possible, and moves forward towards healing.  They are present with themselves and with those they engage with on a regular basis.

Show me a person who cares about themselves and I’ll show you someone who is willing to grow and is always learning.  They care too much for themselves to live in the status quo.  They know that taking risks and facing their fears of uncertainty are the only true ways to move forward in life and that its worth the reward.  This person isn’t afraid to say ‘no’ or ‘yes’ to people and life circumstance because they take the time to be quiet and listen to their hearts.  Incredible discernment comes from caring that much about your health, emotions, and spirit.

Show me a person who loves themselves and I’ll show you a person who is deeply connected to the Divine.  Someone who realizes that the Source values them and loves them deeply.

At this point the response I get is usually, ‘that sounds impossible’.  Well its not.  It isn’t easy however.  Sometimes caring for yourself is a narrow road.  But doesn’t that sound like a life worth living?  Isn’t that something you would fight for?  I fight for it, everyday.  And full disclosure… I don’t always do a brilliant job of caring for myself.  I’m still learning.   What would caring for and loving yourself look like?  Specifically, in your life, what does it look like?  Don’t put it off.  Write out a list right now of what it would look like.  You may be surprised with what you come up with.