Answer the Call

What if Neo took the blue pill?  What if he never decided to follow the White Rabbit in the first place?  The Matrix would have been a movie about a guy who is discontent and knows there’s something more. But all you’d see is 73 more minutes of a guy sitting in his cubicle, glued to a computer. What if Luke had ignored the partial clip of Princess Leia, chalking it up to a robotic malfunction?  What if he declined Obiwan's invitation to join him on his mission to deliver the Death Star plans to the Rebel Alliance, taking over his aunt and uncle's farm instead?  We would watch a young brat farm for 84 minutes.

Quieting the Critical Voice

Have you ever tried to get centered? Maybe it was through prayer, meditation or yoga. Or maybe you were on a run. Or sitting in a coffee shop and you wanted to quiet things within so that you could align with your true desires or with your God. But you just couldn’t get rid of ‘that’ voice in your head that continues to criticize everything and anything. That’s the critical voice. It’s the voice within ourselves that tells us that we’re not good enough. It tells us that

The Abundant Truth

I am not finished by any means.  I certainly don’t ‘have it all together’.  I never will.  This is a truth that I have come to not only accept, but embrace.  I am constantly growing.  And one of the truths that I’m growing into presently is that the Divine has abundant resources and wants to supply all of my needs.  I am not the source. Now the jacked up thing about this reality is how much of my life I have lived against this truth.  I have spent so much of my time trying to be the source of my needs.  Trying to provide for myself instead of relying upon The Source for my provision.  I believed for so long that to be a Christian (the Faith I practice) that I have to scrape by or actually just be poor.  How ridiculous is that?  Not only that, I believed that to be a Christian meant that I had to find a way to provide for all of my own needs.  Somewhere in my life I erroneously accepted the thought that relying upon God meant that He would always keep me in a place where I had nothing.  That way I would rely upon Him.  If you don’t realize how jacked up that thought is, you need to pay attention  right now… this is for you!

What if I learned to rely upon God even if I had more than enough of what I needed in my life?  What’s more, what if I learned to trust that God was my only source and supply for anything and everything that ever came into my life?  Emotional stability, finances, creative energy, etc.

God wants me to rely upon God to provide for all of my needs.  God wants me to trust God completely to lead me and direct and guide me into my calling and purpose.  And then I must trust God and God alone to provide for everything that God is calling me to.  I must trust for the direction, the inspired decisions, the finances, and the emotional energy to participate in the things God is calling me to participate in.  Nothing could be more centered and grounded in the scriptures.

And to boot?  I must expect that God will actually provide all of those things which I need.  And why wouldn’t He?  Here is my logic, broken down (because sometimes I need to see things as simply as possible).  If God loves me and created me for a purpose… and if God is calling me to live out that purpose and that plan for me… doesn’t it stand to reason that God not only will, but WANTS to provide everything I could possibly need in order to live out that purpose and that passion?  YES!  IT DOES!

My God will supply all of your needs according to his riches in Glory.  That’s Philippians 4:19.

Have you limited yourself because of wrong belief and thought patterns?  Does God want to free you to trust Him for all that you need?  Let it happen my friend.  Let it go.


Today I will trust God to be abundant in every single situation.  I will trust that God knows exactly what I need, when I need it and that God will provide exactly what I need when I need it, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially.  I will not spend energy worrying or trying to contrive my resources.  I will wait in expectation for my God to supply all of my needs.  I am not the source.