Episode 28 - 3 Powerful Strategies to be More Present

Q:  "How do I become more present in my day to day life?  I feel like I’m aware of my wandering mind and at times I make a conscious decision to try to be more present with people, but I end up drifting off… and then I realize that I have no idea what’s going on around me.  Is there a way to ground myself long term?" - Josh

We've all had those moments when we were in the middle of doing something, a meeting, driving, a conversation with someone... and then we realize that for the last several minutes we had no idea what was going on because we 'drifted'.    It's as if our bodies have been present but the rest of us was absent.

We all know that power of being present.  We recognize it when others are present with us.  In fact, it's one of the rarest and most powerful gifts that we can receive from someone... their undivided attention.  It's one thing to make a conscious effort to be present, but how do we maintain and sustain that throughout our day?  This episode goes through three powerful strategies, that if you use them, you will immediately be more present.  

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