Episode 30 - The Amy Interview: The Woman Who Lost Her Memory and Had to Learn Life All Over Again.

Imagine that you wake up one morning and you don’t know where you are… or even who you are.  You don’t recognize your spouse or your children.  You are completely disoriented and confused because you can’t remember a single thing.  Worst of all, you don’t know if things will ever get back to the way they used to be.  

In this installment of the Interview Episodes, I have a conversation with Amy and this exact scenario happened to her.  Her Story is extraordinary and she is amazing.

Amy was a top executive of an international consumer product company.  Because of a freak illness, that she didn’t know she had, Amy lost her memory.  The challenges she faced seemed insurmountable. 

She couldn’t read because she couldn’t remember the words she had previously consumed moments before.  She couldn’t go for a walk because she couldn’t remember the way home.  She had difficulty with her nutrition because her brain wouldn’t remind her that it was time to eat.  

Simple tasks that you and I take for granted became a long list of obstacles for her...

-using the phone
-watching tv

After battling a very real and deep depression, Amy decided it was time to begin living life to the fullest again, regardless of whether she regained her memory.  You are about to hear how she made choices to get her life back.   How she rebuilt her relationship with her husband and began connecting on a deep level with her son. 

You’ll hear about the different ‘hacks’ that she used to navigate her new life and how she is thriving today.  

As you listen, recognize that if she can choose a fulfilling life and learn to thrive with this challenging acquired brain injury and loss of memory, you can choose to thrive at your capacity as well.

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