Episode 32 - The First Super-Step to Love and Accept Yourself

Have you ever thought to yourself... "if people saw who I really am, if they saw the real me, they wouldn't love me"?  Have you ever felt like a fraud?  I know I've thought and felt those things before.  Not because I was hiding some deep, dark secret.  It's just what I felt like when I stripped everything else away.  I can still feel that way at times.  Especially at critical moments when people were relying on me or when I'm trying to overcome an obstacle.

Everyone that you see walking around on this planet has probably had that thought or still has that thought.  We all want to be liked.  We all want to belong.  We all want people to say nice things to us.  It is fear that causes these thoughts.

If you're hard on yourself because you want to be the best person you can be, you may be holding yourself back from the very thing you want.  But if you could love and accept yourself, right now, just the way you are... you will find the freedom and empowerment that eludes so many.

Today, on the Own Your Life Podcast, we define Self-Love and I show you the first, potent step in loving yourself.

Own Your Life Podcast is produced by Gregg Nordin.

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