Episode 37 - Instantly Improve The World With This One Thing

Are you someone who cares about making a difference in the world but doesn't know where to start?  Do you dream of making the world a better place for your children and for their children but feel overwhelmed with the thought of launching a non-profit or a business?  Do you want to leave a legacy of adding value to people's lives and making an impact that lasts for years to come but don't actually believe that you have something of value to share?

Or maybe you know you have something of value to say but aren't sure how to share it effectively.

In today's episode we explore the number one trait that the world's biggest impact makers do on a daily basis.  Here's a hint, it has nothing to do with 'reach' or the number of twitter followers they have.  It has nothing to do with the size of their 'following' or the number of books they've written.

It's also something that you can begin practicing immediately and see instant results in the lives of the very people you see everyday.


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