Episode 49 - Mike McHargue Interview 2: 'Finding God In The Waves'

It's with great pleasure that I am able to bring a second interview with Mike McHargue to your ears and minds.  Mike's book 'Finding God In The Waves: How I Lost My Faith And Found It Again Through Science' has just released and it is the perfect time for another conversation with our leading scientific expert.

In this interview we cover...

  • The science behind having a fuller life
  • How Mike turned his learning disability into a super human memory
  • How you can turn your perceived weaknesses into strengths
  • Some of the best advice on writing a book or blog and how to become a great writer
  • Why you need someone in your life that absolutely believes in you
  • Why nothing you see or experience is real and how to hack your brain to take advantage of this scientific phenomena 
  • And much more...

Finding God In The Waves

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