Episode 61 - Ches Weeks Interview: A Normal Man Does Extraordinary Things By Changing The Way He Thinks, Acts, And Believes

It's such a pleasure to introduce you to Ches Weeks.  Ches is an engineer, father of 2, husband, and an inspiration.  Ches has been on a weight loss journey and has shed 190 pounds using sustainable methods of healthy eating and an active lifestyle.  After a motorcycle injury that left him bedridden for 2 months, Ches decided to make a complete lifestyle change in order to raise his overall energy levels.  

Ches started at 448 pounds and has shred himself to 258 pounds.

This interview is about so much more than weight loss.  We dive deep into how Ches changed the way he thinks, the way he acts, and so many of his beliefs about himself.

This is a story about inspiration.  How a normal person can do extraordinary things.

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