Episode 17 - The Best Way to Move Forward When You Don't Feel Ready

Do you have a dream that you continually put off because you feel like you're just not ready yet?  Is there something that you've been wanting to do for awhile but you've said, 'I'm just not ready to do that?'  Maybe you've been wanting to change jobs, start your own business, create art, ask someone out, or take your relationship to the next level... but you keep putting it off because you think  you need to know more or have more experience.  We've all been there.  But saying 'I'm not ready yet' is simply an excuse.  If you look deeper inside you'll probably find that you're being held up by fear.  Fear of failure, success, embarrassment, or discovering that you don't have what it takes... that you aren't enough.  I offer two simple steps to help you move past the fear and make your dreams a reality when you don't feel like you're ready. Proving, that you do have what it takes.

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