Episode 13 - How to Increase Your Choices and Have More Freedom

Do you ever feel like you have limited choices, none of which you're satisfied with?  As you're trying to make significant changes to better your life, do you ever feel that it isn't going to work out, even before you start?  In this episode of the Own Your Life Podcast we look at the overcoming that feeling that you just don't have what it takes... that you aren't enough, and reveal the foundational principle that changes everything.  This one principle will help you deepen your relationships, have more fulfillment in your work, and bring you a sense of freedom that you may never even imagined possible before.  There is a warning however.  This will cost you in action, work, sacrifice, and may cause you to face some pain that you've been avoiding. The Freedom you will gain, however, will be worth it.

Own Your Life Podcast is edited and produced by Gregg Nordin.