Episode 23 - How to Solve Your Problems and Take Action Now

Why is it that endless amounts of information and knowledge have never been more available and yet we still find ourselves searching for solutions?  Many times the answers to our most pressing questions are right in front of us but we aren't sure how to take that information and use it in a way to solve our personal problems?  There is an answer to almost any question available online to anyone who can find a means to connect to the internet.  Solutions for relationships, job skills, remodeling, finances, healthy eating, exercise, psychology, resume building, education, marketing, branding, etc., are at our fingertips.  And yet, in this moment, we all have issues that we haven't been able to resolve.

You already have the knowledge to solve your biggest problem already.  You aren't stuck because of a lack of information.  You're stuck because of the way you think and feel.  You know the way forward and the solution for your particular dilemma, but because of a limiting belief, you that it won't work for you.  Maybe because you're convinced that you don't have what it takes or that you aren't enough.  Not because that's actually true, but because that's the story you've told yourself.  But what if you believed you did have what it takes?  What if you believed you were enough?  You would begin taking action to solve your problems immediately.

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