Episode 25 - How to Beat Being Overwhelmed and Sustain Motivation

Listener question for Bradley:  Could you explore keeping up momentum for change? How do I avoid feeling too satisfied too quickly, or getting overwhelmed and demotivated?

Response:  Often when we have gained some form of momentum for change, it has been preceded by inspiration.  Something we’ve experienced has inspired us to create momentum.  However, momentum never lasts.  However, we can put systems into place that sustain our momentum, even when we aren’t feeling inspired.  One of the most powerful systems is scheduling.  I used to fight the advice to harness the power of my schedule because I was afraid I would become a slave to my schedule and lose my freedom.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.

One of the more transformative pieces of scheduling that I appreciate is the intentionality it brings.  When I focus on what I value and I take action towards that, things in my life change… drastically.  Sometimes it feels like a small change and that it’s slow.  But over just a period of a few weeks, the efforts are compounded and the long term effects are exponential.

So… being intentional is absolutely worth it.  Here's where to start:

1.  Write down 5 things that you value.  For example… I value connection (love, coffee with someone, hiking with someone, etc.).  I value growth (podcasts, reading, classes, training, trying things and failing, trying things and succeeding).  I value contribution (cooking for someone, volunteering my time, helping others).

2.  Then put them in order as best as possible (do I value this more than that?)

3.  Make sure that your top one or two values end up on your schedule every day in some fashion.

When we do this we are systematically setting ourselves up to take action and live into those things we care about most.  Coincidentally, we are also ensuring that we are doing things that bring life to us and others.  And who couldn’t use more life and energy?

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