Episode 35 - 5 Rules For When You Feel Alone

Do you ever look at other people and compare yourself to them?  Do you ever wish that things went as well for you as they do for others?  Have you ever found yourself wanting the life that someone else has, their success and accomplishments and thought... "If only I was as smart as them, or had their skills, or had their connections?"

This is a dangerous trap that will spiral us to certain gloom and feeling alone.  We see other people's success and begin to feel that they have what it takes and we don't.  Which leads us to believe that something is wrong with us and that we are the only ones that feel this way... that deal with problems.

Everyone deals with internal doubts and struggles.  Even the people that seem to have what it all together.  Everyone has the same problems that we do.

They aren't any different than you.  They are, however, doing some different things than you.

Listen to this episode and learn the 5 things that you can do to move forward in a way that empowers you to feel more connected and accomplish the things you want to accomplish.

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